While we’ve all been deeply immersed in the torrent of Avengers Infinity War figures for the past week, those aren’t the only new Marvel toys that have gone up for sale! Kotobukiya in particular has had a trifecta of new Marvel statues solicited, as the ARTFX+ Iron Fist and 90s Animated X-Men Beast and Cyclops statues are now up for order! Are any of these non-movie PVC figures on your radar? And hey… who’s that bald guy in the floating chair…?!

While Kotobukiya has kept hush about their upcoming Infinity War offerings (if there are any forthcoming), they weren’t shy about opening up a pair of non-movie Marvel Statue pre-orders amidst the tsunami of Avengers 3 toys.

First up, we’ve got the second two-pack in the series of X-Men 90s cartoon statues: the Beast and Cyclops ARTFX+ statues. These were first shown in official photos the week of New York Toy Fair 2018, and there’s no surprises in the solicitation images.

Kotobukiya X-Men Animated Beast ARTFX Statue Close-UpWhat we’re getting here is exactly as advertised: screen-accurate 3D representations of Scott Summers and Hank McCoy as they appeared in the 1992 X-Men cartoon. Cyclops is posed for battle in his iconic Jim Lee costume, and Beast is sitting around pondering (with or without his removable glasses).

Kotobukiya Cyclops X-Men Animated Cartoon ARTFX+ StatueThe duo is bright, simple, and fairly-priced—basically, exactly what I want from this type of release. Love it.

Koto X-Men ARTFX+ Professor X Statue Jubilee Wolverine Beast CyclopsAnd Marvel Legends collectors are going to love the next X-Men character coming up in the line, because it’s one they may be able to get away with sticking in the backs of their displays: Kotobukiya Professor X in hoverchair! I foresee this release being very popular! Who’s he going to be paired with…? I’m guessing a certain Master of Magnetism…

Kotobukiya Defenders Iron Fist ARTFX+ StatueMeanwhile, we’ve got the final entry in the Kotobukiya Defenders ARTFX+ series: Iron Fist!  While I’ve been ice cold on the last two ARTFX+ Defenders—Luke Cage and Jessica Jones—I saw the Koto Iron Fist Statue when it premiered in person in New York last month and was very impressed with it.

Iron Fist Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Statue Close-UpThe martial arts stance on the Iron Fist ARTFX+ Statue looks both natural and powerful, and I totally dig the way that Kotobukiya has handled the orange coloration of the powered-up iron fist itself.

Side View of Koto Iron Fist Statue Defenders ARTFX+ SeriesThe one real downer about this excellent Iron Fist PVC Statue is the price-tag. With Iron Studios now releasing Marvel 1/10 resin statues for $80-$100, it’s hard to accept plastic statues from Koto for $70 and up.

Back of Iron Fist ARTFX+ Kotobukiya Defenders PVC Figure

While I’ve been buying the Marvel ARTFX+ Kotobukiya statues since their inception several years back, Koto is getting perilously close to pricing me (and almost certainly many others) out of the PVC Statue market with the trend of increasing prices for their work.

I’m all-in for anything Koto releases in the X-Men animated series—especially with the bargain pricing—and though I’ve actively avoided the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage ARTFX+ Figures, that Iron Fist is definitely calling out to me, overpriced or no.

X-Men Animated Kotobukiya Cyclops Beast Statues PackagingThe Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Cyclops and Beast two-pack and Defenders Iron Fist Statue are now up for order, and are all scheduled to be released in September 2018. BBTS has discounted prices on both releases, undercutting the MSRP by $5-$10 each.

What do you think of Koto’s latest trio of Marvel offerings? Are you on-board for this X-Men animated series of figures? And now that we’ve seen the whole Defenders ARTFX+ lineup, are you planning on picking up any (or all) of the statues?

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