The Avengers Infinity War wave of toys and collectibles has been washing over us for the past week, but one aspect of collecting for the movie I haven’t talked about yet is Infinity War statues. While most companies like Iron Studios and Kotobukiya have kept mum about any plans for Avengers 3 statues so far, Diamond Select Toys hasn’t been shy about announcing a whole lineup of statues: DST Infinity War Marvel Gallery, Premier Collection and Marvel Milestones statues are now up for order—including a huge Hulkbuster 2.0!

While we’ve heard bupkis from other statue companies regarding their plans for the Avengers Infinity War movie, Diamond Select Toys is ready to fill the void all by their lonesome, as they’ve already announced eight new Infinity War statues arriving this summer and fall!

DST has really taken the Marvel Statue market by storm over the course of the last year and a half, and consequently they’ve quickly become one of my absolute favorite companies. As such, I’m pretty psyched about the large lineup they’ve got planned out for Avengers 3! Let’s take a look…

Marvel Gallery Bearded Captain America StatueDiamond Select’s largest set of offerings for the new movie belongs to Marvel Gallery, their increasingly-popular series of reasonably-priced (~$40-$45) PVC statues. DST has five statues announced for the Marvel Gallery Infinity War series:

Doctor Strange Captain America Black Widow Thanos Thor

While no images of the IW Thor Gallery Statue have been released yet, DST did send out photos of prototypes of the rest of the line. Some of the statues haven’t been approved just yet, but I wouldn’t expect any drastic changes.

Marvel Gallery Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange StatueDoctor Strange looks pretty terrific, and will be the first movie Doctor Strange Gallery Statue, as there was none released for the standalone movie. The sculpt and paint here look really good, and it may be my favorite of the quintet.

Marvel Gallery Thanos Infinity War StatueAlmost as good as the Sorcerer Supreme (IMO), is the first-ever Marvel Gallery Thanos Statue. There’s a comic-based Thanos Gallery Statue coming to GameStop as well this year, but I’m really digging the movie version. This is one of the better-looking pieces of movie Thanos merch we’ve seen thus far.

Marvel Gallery Blonde Black Widow StatueRounding out the series are Infinity War versions of (bearded) Captain America and (blonde) Black Widow. I haven’t been blown away by the Chris Evans likeness on any bearded Cap figure or statue yet, but I do like that DST went with dynamic poses for these. The Black Widow pose is pretty unique!

Marvel Premier Collection Iron Spider StatueAnd fear not, resin fans—Diamond Select Toys has goodies for you as well! There are two Marvel Premier Collection statues announced, as well as one humongous Marvel Milestones Statue. While the announced Marvel Premier Collection Thor & Rocket Raccoon statues hasn’t been shown just yet, we have gotten our first look at the other one.

The Marvel Premier Collection Iron Spider Spider-Man Statue has “mega-hit” written all over it with its mechanical arms and dynamic pose.

Marvel Milestones Hulkbuster Iron Man Statue

But speaking of “mega-hits”, Diamond Select Toys is giving the all-star treatment to what’s likely to be one of most popular designs in Avengers Infinity War: Hulkbuster Iron Man 2.0! The metallic paint on this figure looks outstanding, and the neutral pose is going to make it fit right in in most Marvel statue displays. This is my favorite statue out of the eight by a pretty big margin!

The DST Hulkbuster Iron Man Statue was originally announced as being part of the Premier Collection, but the pre-orders for it have it labeled as a more expensive Marvel Milestones Statue. Given the huge size and impressive details of this 16” beast, I think the $299 MSRP is totally reasonable.

Diamond Select Hulkbuster Iron Man Infinity War Statue Close-UpAll eight of the Diamond Select Avengers Infinity War statues are now available for pre-order, with the release dates for all of them in Q3 2018 except for Doctor Strange (who’s marked as Q4 2018). DST is one of the fastest companies in the market as far as turnaround time goes, so I’m fairly sure that they’ll get all of these pieces out on-time. Hopefully they bring these statues to show off at C2E2 2018, because I’m dying to see some more photos of Hulkbuster Iron Man!

What do you think of Diamond Select Toys’ range of Infinity War movie statues, Marvel collectors? Are any of the pieces that have been announced on your radar as future purchases, or are you concentrating on action figures for the movie rather than statues?

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