Avengers Infinity War merch is off to a hot start following the official launch over the weekend, with the initial shipments of the Infinity War Marvel Legends and Funko POP Vinyls selling out already in many areas. But now, a new player is entering the Avengers 3 game domestically: the Bandai SH Figuarts Infinity War figures are now available for order in the U.S.! As usual, the hero figures are priced a bit expensive because of license restrictions, but the price on Thanos isn’t half bad…

Although Bandai Japan produces a multitude of figures to tie in with the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie three years ago, Bandai didn’t have any deal in place yet at that time to distribute their Marvel SH Figuarts figures in the United States, so we didn’t get any of those figures over here.

But things have changed! Marvel Figuarts figures have been available—bundled with diorama pieces—for well over a year. And now, for the first time ever, Figuarts Avengers movie figures are up for order domestically!

Black Widow SH Figuarts Avengers Infinity War FigureFor those not familiar with SH Figuarts figures, they’re 6” figures that are loosely compatible with Marvel Legends, and which tend to feature superior sculpts, paint and interchangeable hands.

SH Figuarts Iron Spider Spider-Man Figure with Tamashii Stage BaseThe only major downside to these figures (besides the fact that they’re sometimes very difficult to get) is that they tend to retail for about triple the cost of a standard Hasbro Marvel Legends figure.

SH Figuarts Black Panther Infinity War Figure with RocksAnd in the US, they’re even a bit more expensive than that, as they contractually need to sell for $80 or more per figure as per the details of their license. In order to hit that prerequisite, Bandai packs in effects pieces or diorama elements when necessary to get over the price hump.

SH Figuarts Avengers Infinity War Captain America with Explosion EffectsAs such, five of the six Avengers Infinity War Figuarts figures that are up for order in the United States now come packaged with a set of effects pieces:

SH Figuarts Captain America with Explosion Effects SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 50 with Tamashii Stage Flight Stand/Base SH Figuarts Black Widow with Explosion Effects SH Figuarts Black Panther with Rock Effects (No, Really, Rocks) SH Figuarts  Iron Spider Spider-Man with Tamashii Stage Flight Stand/Base

SH Figuarts Infinity War Thanos FigureThankfully, the sixth figure is a bit of a good deal, as he naturally costs just about $80 and thus doesn’t need an extra accessory set bundled with him: the inaugural SH Figuarts Thanos figure!

Thanos SH Figuarts Bandai Japan FigureI overslept yesterday and missed out on ordering Thanos from Japan—as he sold out within a few hours in the middle of the night—so I was PSYCHED to get another chance at the Bandai Thanos Figuarts figure today. I’ve got him locked in on order now, and am very pleased about it!

SH Figuarts Thanos Figure with Infinity GauntletThe SH Figuarts Avengers Infinity War 6” figures are now up for order online, and are scheduled to be released sprinkled throughout spring/summer 2018. This is the first time Figuarts figures most of these characters have been available in the US, so I expect that they’ll end up selling extremely well for Bluefin Distribution.

Are you in or out for the Infinity War S.H. Figuarts figures, Marvel collectors? How do you feel about the effects pieces that get bundled with these figures in the US, and are you impressed enough with any of these figures to upgrade to them from your Marvel Legends versions?

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