The classic Shepherd’s Pie just got a healthy twist and we made it bite-sized for the kids and perfect portion control for adults!

What is Shepherd’s Pie?

Shepard’s pie is a classic dinner.  People mix in different veggies to the meat filling but it’s always covered with mashed potatoes and smells incredible coming out of the oven.  It’s a healthy dinner that doesn’t need a side dish because it has protein, veggies and carbs in one dish!  We love that! To make it more kid-friendly (and cuter) we made little Mini Shepherd’s Pies with a crust using coconut oil!

If you love Shepherd’s Pie, make sure to try our recipe making it in a jar too!

Mini Shepherd's Pies the kids will love!How to Make Healthy Mini Shepherd’s Pies

You first need to start out with making a pie crust. To make it healthier we used coconut oil instead of butter and used whole wheat four with the all purpose flour. Make sure your coconut oil is “scoopable” but not melted.  This will help the dough to behave like butter crust and it’s easier to work with.  Once you make your dough, make little dough balls and then roll them out!  This is a perfect task for the kids because there’s no knives involved and kids love to roll dough.  Press each piece of pie crust into the wells of your greased muffin tin.

How to make Mini Shepherd's PiesIs Ground Beef or Ground Turkey Healthier?

Look at that filling……. Packed with carrots, peas, mushrooms and just a few onions.  We made this with a lean cut of ground beef to keep it close to the original Shepherd’s Pie we all know and love.  So does it matter whether you use ground turkey or ground beef?  Let’s take a closer look at the nutrition information.

Beef has gotten a reputation for being something that should be avoided if you want to eat a healthy diet.  A lot of people  think that turkey or chicken is the way to go to meet protein needs if you’re not vegan.  This is not always true depending on how lean the cut of meat is you are eating.

If you choose the leanest ground beef which is about 93 percent lean, and choose the leanest ground turkey which is also 93 percent lean,  lean ground beef can be lower in calories and fat.  According to the USDA nutrient database, 3 ounces of turkey has 176 calories and 9.7 grams of fat and 3 ounces of ground beef has 162 calories and 7.5 grams of fat.  Ground beef does however have more saturated fat than ground turkey but is higher in vitamin B12, zinc, iron and selenium.  Ground turkey is higher is cholesterol, total fat and calories, but is higher in vitamin B6.

We believe in varying your protein sources, but its good to know that you can choose lean cuts of either and feel good about that choice!

DIY Mini Shepherd's Pies

Next, you’ll layer in the meat and veggie filling and top it off with the mashed potatoes! Pile it high!

Making Mini Shepherd's Pies at home

When you bake your Mini Shepherd’s Pies, you want the crust to get cooked and heat them all the way through.  The meat is already cooked so don’t worry about that!  This is such a fun meal to make with the kids, so get them in the kitchen and get cooking!

Mini Shepherd's Pies for kids

Enjoy our Mini Shepherds Pies with your family!

Mini Shepherd's Pies




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