The days when collectibles companies have to keep their Avengers Infinity War toys hidden are at an end, and Hot Toys is finally ready to obliterate our future wallets! In honor of finally being able to sell toys from the movie today, Hot Toys has not one, but two new sixth scale figures ready to go: the Hot Toys Infinity War Thor and Iron Man 1/6 figures are now up for order!

There’s a lot to talk about with these two new releases, so let’s get right down to it, starting with the ever-popular “Pirate Thor” figure with Eyepatch!

Tons of collectors were psyched when the Marvel Legends version of this iteration of Thor was revealed yesterday, but the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece sixth scale figure (obviously) brings the detailing on this character to a whole other level!

Hot Toys Infinity War Thor Figure with Stormbreaker HammerIt’s not exactly a secret that Thor is getting a new hammer in Infinity War, and we can see Stormbreaker here in all its glory!

Chris Hemsworth Thor Portrait on Hot Toys Avengers 3 FigureIn addition, Hot Toys has whipped up an all-new Chris Hemsworth portrait for this IW Thor movie figure–and it is downright rockin’. This might be HT’s best Chris Hemsworth head to-date!

Hot Toys Infinity War Thor Sixth Scale Figure and AccessoriesOf course, that’s not all that’s new and different about this Thor. Gone are the days when Hot Toys could sell us two figures of Thor with the only difference being the sleeves (or lack thereof): this time we get BOTH sets of arms with one Thor figure. No need to double-dip! (Phew!)

Avengers Infinity War Thor Figure with Lightning Effects PiecesAnd the cape isn’t the only removable thing on this Hot Toys Thor Infinity War figure—he’s also get a whole set of LED light-up lightning effects pieces for his armor! And even his one good eye will shine with a luminous reflective effect! This is one REALLY different Thor variant from what we’ve become accustomed to!

Hot Toys Infinity War Thor Teenage Groot Rocket Raccoon FiguresBut the best thing about this announcement? The fact that we get our first look at the Infinity War Groot Hot Toys Figure in some of the photos! The Rocket Raccoon looks like an exact reissue of the GOTG Vol. 2 figure (and I’ll be pretty ticked if I have to buy him again just to get that new gun), but the teenage Groot MMS just looks awesome.

Avengers Infinity War Hot Toys Iron Man Die-Cast FigureMeanwhile, if there’s one character that I think we ALL knew we could count on to be among the first Hot Toys Infinity War Movie Masterpiece Series Figures, it’s Iron Man!

Hot Toys Die-Cast Infinity War Iron Man FigureThis is the best look we’ve had at the newest Iron Man armor permutation yet, and it is pretty dang crazy! This reminds me a lot more of the modern Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle than it does a usual Iron Man armor, honestly.

Infinity War Iron Man Armor with Wings Hot ToysAs has become the norm, this Iron Man figures will be made primarily of die-cast metal. But with all of the new parts and accessories, this one is going to be the most expensive die-cast Iron Man yet, retailing for $407 (Yowza!). That price may be crossing a line that many collectors do not want to cross. We’ll have to wait and see how this die-cast Iron Man fares sales-wise.

Hot Toys Infinity War Tony Stark Head Robert Downey Jr. PortraitWhile not necessarily a new sculpt, we are getting a newly-painted Robert Downey Jr. portrait with this figure. It looks spectacular, but hey–given the sheer number of RDJ heads that Hot Toys has done at this point, it really ought to be, right?

Hot Toys Infinity War Iron Man Figure and AccessoriesThe Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War Iron Man and Thor figures are now available for pre-order, with payment plans (thank God) available for both. IW Thor is scheduled to be released in Q1 2019, with the Die-Cast IW Iron Man following in Q2 2019. It’s gonna be a LONG wait for these beauties!

Judgment time, Marvel collectors! What do you think of the first Die-Cast Iron Man to retail for $400+? How much is too much for you when it comes to Iron Man? And how about that Thor with Eyepatch: “Must Have” or “Will Pass” for you?

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