Even though the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie will contain the long-awaited meeting of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the GOTG have been sadly absent from the first two waves of Marvel Legends Infinity War figures that Hasbro has announced. But fear not—Hasbro still had some aces up its sleeve! This morning, Hasbro announced three new exclusive Avengers 3 sets, including this Marvel Legends Teen Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Thor with Eyepatch 3-pack!

At New York Toy Fair 2018, Hasbro held the final pack from the 10 Years of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends sets—the Infinity War based one—in reserve. We all assumed that that was because it was one of the three heavily rumored multipacks that listings had been found for in store databases.

But now that we’ve seen them, it turns out that NONE of those packs are from the Marvel Studios Legends series—but all of them are pretty awesome nonetheless!

Marvel Legends Infinity War Thor with Eyepatch Teen Groot Rocket Raccoon 3-PackThe headliner—at least for me—is the Toys R Us exclusive 3-pack of Teen Groot, Eyepatch Thor and Rocket Raccoon. Many collectors have been wanting their own “Pirate” Thor after the events of Ragnarok, and this figure fits the bill nicely. Even so, that figure is overshadowed by the great-looking 100% newly-tooled Teen Groot Marvel Legends figure in this set. Love it!

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinity War Scarlet Witch Vision Toys R Us Exclusive SetThe second exclusive announced today is one that we got our first look at last month when some overseas Toys R Us stores put it up for sale early: the Infinity War Legends Vision and Scarlet Witch two-pack.

We’ve seen in-hand photos of the actual figures already from collectors who’ve already purchased this set, but still—this looks fantastic. The Scarlet Witch figure’s repainted hair is an improvement, and Vision just looks incredible in hi-res. Good job, Hasbro.

Marvel Legends Infinity War Falcon Bucky Figures Target ExclusiveLast but not least, it’s the 6” Marvel Legends Infinity War Winter Soldier and Falcon two-pack! This is sort of a weird pack in that for Civil War, these two characters were single-packed exclusives to Wal-Mart. And now for Infinity War, they’ll be a two-pack of exclusives to Target.

No packaged photos of this set were sent out, which I think is likely because of the “rumored” Stan Lee Build-A-Figure that this set may contain pieces of. Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that announcement!

Marvel Legends Infinity War Bucky Figure Winter SoldierBucky’s head sculpt doesn’t look amazing in the official photo, but the figure Sebastian Stan revealed at a charity event this week looked much better in-hand, so I’m hoping the production version will look more similar to the one Sebastian Stan had than the one in the hi-res photos.

Marvel Legends Infinity War Vision and Scarlet Witch 6 Inch FiguresThe Marvel Legends Thor/Rocket Raccoon/Groot three-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive with an on-shelf date of 6/1/2018 and a $49.99 MSRP. Winter Soldier/Falcon is a $39.99 Target exclusive for 6/1/2018. But we won’t have long to wait for Vision and Scarlet Witch–the $39.99 Toys R Us exclusive set has a release date of 3/3/2018–this Saturday along with the rest of the Infinity War toys!

With just two days until the launch date for Avengers Infinity War merch, we now know 7 more figures in the lineup thanks to these exclusives being announced! Will any of these exclusive packs be joining your collection this spring/summer, Marvel collectors, or are you sticking to the mass releases (or just skipping the Infinity War toys altogether)?

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