Make these yummy Chicken Pesto Kebabs with your kids for dinner tonight! Small bite size pieces that kids love to assemble themselves. 

Easy to Make Kebabs

Kebabs usually mean grilling, but not with these easy Chicken Pesto Kebabs!  These are perfect for any season and just take a few minutes to make.  Eat them hot or cold too! The kids will love getting to make their skewer and pick out what they want on it.  

Chicken Pesto Kebabs, these are amazing and super easy to make!

You don’t have to skewer this pasta.  If you don’t have any skewers or simply can’t wait to dive in, just serve it as a regular pasta dish. That’s what my husband did.  He smelled the veggies cooking and just couldn’t wait to eat it!

Chicken Pesto KebabsHow to Make Chicken Pesto Kebabs

It is so easy to make these kebabs for dinner, lunch or snacks! You can use leftover chicken, rotisserie chicken or cook up 2 chicken breasts.  The key is cutting your chicken into uniform bit size pieces.  You’ll also need some tortellini pasta, which only takes a few minutes to heat up.  You’ll toss that in some pesto, give your veggies and quick cook and then toss it all together with your chicken chopped into bite sized pieces.

Chicken Pesto Kebabs with bell peppers and mushrooms

Once the pasta has cooled down enough to touch with your fingers, you’ll start to skewer!  This is where the kids can join in on the fun and make their own skewers.  You can make them as big or as small as you want and add the veggies you love! You can make them all perfect alternating between each item on the plate or make them random.  Your kids will love getting to make their own dinner and being allowed to play with their food!

How to make Chicken Pesto KebabsKebabs Make the Perfect Snacks

Have leftovers?  Great! These make perfect snacks.  Just pile your extra kebabs into a tupperware and place in the fridge.  When the kids start to get a little hungry or you need something on the way out the door just grab a skewer.  No dirty dishes to clean after this snack! It has protein and veggies so you’ll feel full until the next meal.  If you need more find kebab ideas, we have them!  Our Pizza Kebabs are super tasty! 

Chicken Pesto Kebabs to make with the kids

You can also add olives and other veggies to these skewers.  If you’re planning on serving them cold, I love adding cucumbers and tomatoes.  Just add those when you skewer, no need to cook them!

Enjoy our delicious and kid friendly Chicken Pesto Kebabs!

Chicken Pesto Kebabs

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