UPDATE: At last, the Guardians will have a villain to combat: the exclusive Marvel Legends Ronan the Accuser is now up for order! If you’re looking for photos of the other Marvel Legends that debuted at Toy Fair, check out the Marvel Toy News Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, which I’ve been updating all weekend long! I’ll upload all my photos here and talk in-depth next week!

I’m on the floor at New York Toy Fair 2018, so I can’t do my usual exhaustive write up on these latest Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals just yet. Make sure you’re following the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages where I’ll be posting photos throughout the day! But in the meantime—images of the new 10 Years of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Vision/Scarlet Witch and Hot Rod Iron Man/Mandarin/Pepper Potts figures have now hit the net!

As rumored, the MCU Vision and Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends 6” pack is now confirmed to be a Toys R Us exclusive (which you can tell by the Toys R Us sticker on the box, obviously). 

The Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure looks like a 100% repaint, but that’s fine since she was never readily available to begin with and has gotten rather expensive on the aftermarket. 

I was hoping we would finally get that long-demanded Marvel Legends Mandarin movie figure, so even if it’s been a half-decade wait, I’m just glad he’s finally coming home. And hey—Pepper Potts! Whodathunkit, right?

I’m about to go visit Mezco Toyz and their Marvel ONE:12 Collective display, so I’ll circle back later to talk about these new ML multipacks once I’m off the floor at Toy Fair for a bit. Most of my early coverage will be on social media this year, though, so again: the Marvel Toy News Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are your friends! 😉

But for now, why don’t you dear readers talk about them for me? What do you think of the first 2018 Toy Fair Marvel Legends reveals, Marvel collectors? Leave a reply and share your thoughts with the rest of the Marvel collecting community!

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