If you were a kid in 90s (like me!), then you’ve got a special place in your heart for the 1990s X-Men cartoon series (it’s not even a question). The costumes seen in that series have gone on to be considered the “iconic” costumes for the characters, and few superhero animated series have managed to meet the high standard of the original X-Men cartoon. And now, for the first time ever, we’re getting PVC statues based on the art designs from the show: a Kotobukiya X-Men 92 Jubilee and Wolverine two-pack is now up for order!

Well… that came out of nowhere! Kotobukiya has disappointed me the last few months with their underwhelming Luke Cage and Jessica Jones ARTFX+ statues, but if they wanted to get back in my good graces in a big way, there’s little they could have done that would have succeeded more than classic X-Men Animated Series statues!

And oh yeah—the characters they picked for the statues are the most popular X-Man—Wolverine—and also perhaps the team member fans are most starved for merch of: Jubilee!

Toybiz Generation X Jubilee FigureFor some reason that I have never understood in my entire life, Toybiz shied away from producing a 5” Jubilee costume in her Jim Lee/Animated series costume (although we did get a terrible Generation X version and a weird Robot Fighters version). How Toybiz had faith in toys like Commcast and Killspree, but not the signature look for a core character featured in most episodes of the cartoon, the world may never know.

Kotobukiya Jubilee ARTFX+ StatueEven Hasbro has resisted giving fans the classic Marvel Legends Jubilee fans have been demanding, but Kotobukiya of all companies is coming through, 26 years after the cartoon premiere! Wild!

Kotobukiya X-Men 92 Jubilee Statue PVC FigureThe Kotobukiya Jubilee ARTFX+ statue itself is in the usual 1/10th scale and looks wonderfully authentic to the source material. Her visor and yellow jacket are picture-perfect, as is the happy, open-mouthed expression sculpted on her face. Some sort of fireworks effects piece would be a really nice inclusion, but the figure itself is super as-is.

Koto X-Men 92 Wolverine ARTFX+ StatueMeanwhile, the Animated Wolverine ARTFX+ Statue is… well, it’s fine. Wolverine was actually one of my least-favorite characters in the 90s X-Men cartoon, but I’m glad he’s being paired with Jubilee to give Koto the confidence to release her at all. I’ve got a million Logan figures and statues already, but I suppose having an animated style one will be neat.

X-Men 1992 Kotobukiya Wolverine PVC Figure BackAssuming Koto continues and makes more X-Men ‘92 ARTFX+ statues (and every single one would be an instant purchase for me), this Wolverine will look great in the lineup in his battle-ready pose.

Side View of Kotobukiya Wolverine ARTFX+ StatuWhile there’s no magnets in the figures’ feet or bases included, Kotobukiya says they balance fine on their own—and I believe them, as I rarely ever end up using the bases that come with Koto ARTFX+ figures. If leaving out magnets/bases keeps the price down, I’m all for it.

Kotobukiya X-Men 1992 Retro Box Packaging for Jubilee and Wolverine FiguresWe are, however, going to be getting special retro/throwback packaging in a classic style for this two-pack. This looks snazzy as all heck and really brings me back to my glory days of filling baskets with Toybiz X-Men figures at Toys R Us–although the real prize for me is the 1:10 ARTFX+ statues themselves and not the boxes.

The Kotobukiya X-Men Animated Jubilee and Wolverine ARTFX+ statues two-pack is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in July 2018. BBTS has pre-orders for $10 off MSRP, bringing the cost for these down to a reasonable $37 per statue. I’ve been a little slow lately ordering the latest ARTFX+ statues from Koto, but this is one set I have no compunctions about getting ASAP.

X-Men 92 Kotobukiya Beast and Cyclops StatuesKoto has already surprised us with a prototype photo of Cyclops and Beast animated statues, so let’s just hope the whole lineup of 90s X-Men is announced at Toy Fair this weekend! Papa Dabid needs animated Rogue and Gambit! Stay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages for news from the 2018 Toy Fair this weekend.

Are you excited about the first-ever statue of Jubilee in her classic Jim Lee costume, Marvel collectors? Are you amped for this two-pack, and would you be all-in for a whole range of 1990s X-Men Kotobukiya statues?

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