One of the most unpredictable ongoing lines of Marvel toys in the world is the Square-Enix Marvel Play Arts Kai series. Will it live? Will it die? What character will SE choose to reenvision next? Well, the next entry in the line has now been revealed, and it’s one I absolutely would not have predicted: the Play Arts Kai Cyclops figure is now up for order! And hey—he’s got the exact accessory I’ve been wishing Hasbro would include for years!

The Play Arts Kai Marvel figures series doesn’t get a lot of hype not because it isn’t awesome—but because it’s dang expensive. The prices on Play Arts Marvel figures have risen over the years to a staggering $150 a pop, which has greatly limited the number of folks collecting the line.

But Square-Enix has upped the bar with each subsequent release to earn that hefty price-tag, and they’ve done so again with the latest reveal: the iconic X-Men leader, Cyclops!

Back of Marvel Play Arts Kai Cyclops FigureCyclops will be the fourth X-Men Play Arts character, following up the previously-released Deadpool, Wolverine and Magneto. Cyclops isn’t quite the same level of outrageously mainstream popular as that trio, so I’m surprised—but excited—to see him getting some love.

X-Men Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Cyclops Figure and AccessoriesAs with every release in the Marvel PAK series, the 10.7” Cyclops figure is an all-new design that has a totally unique mold and no shared tooling with any other figure. These figures aren’t cheap by any stretch—but Square-Enix at least puts a lot of effort and expense into them.

Square-Enix Cyclops Play Arts Kai Action FigureThe visor on this Cyclops reminds me a bit of Phoenix Five Cyclops, which is nice since it doesn’t look like the Marvel Legends Phoenix Cyclops figure is ever going to get released (alas).

Marvel Play Arts Kai Cyclops 11 Inch FigureAlong with the obligatory figure stand and interchangeable hands, we also get two great accessories with PAK Cyclops. One is an alternate “angry” face for when Slim is going all-out with a full blast. We don’t get expressive figures of Cyclops too often, so this is pretty sweet.

Cyclops Marvel Play Arts Kai Action Figure X-Men 2018But what’s even better…? An attachable optic blast effects piece!! I’ve been begging Hasbro to make energy effects like this for Cyclops for years to no avail, so I am absolutely blown away to see how well Square Enix has implemented it.

The artist-original blue and yellow costume looks fantastic, the heads are excellent and the Optic Blast effects piece puts this one over the top for me. Love it. 

Cyclops Play Arts Kai Figure Optic Blast Effects PieceThe Cyclops Play Arts Kai figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in June 2018. Square-Enix rarely ever misses a release date, so if they say Cyke will be shipping in June, I believe them.

What do you think of quite possibly the most unexpected release in the Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line so far, Marvel collectors? Is this fresh reinterpretation of Cyclops worth 150 bucks to you? And what other Play Arts X-Men would you like to see added to the lineup?

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