New York Toy Fair 2018 is a scant three weeks away, but before they get to New York City, many toy manufacturers are unveiling new goods at the 2018 London Toy Fair this week! Chief among the most notable presentations in London was Funko, who unveiled a ton of new figures, including several surprise Marvel figures: the Funko Gwenom POP Vinyl and Hela/Valkyrie Rock Candy figures are now up for order!

If you had asked me for a list of the top 500 Marvel characters that I thought we might see appear as POP Vinyls this year, Gwenom would not have been on that list. In fact, she wouldn’t have been in my top 5000, because I only had a vague knowledge at all that the character existed.

But hey—obscure or no, it’s hard to find fault with the marketability of a mash-up of Spider-Gwen and Venom, right?! And so, just a few months after the character debuted in the fall, a Funko Gwenom POP Vinyl has now been revealed for release in just a few months!

Spider-Gwen 25 Cover GwenomWhile I haven’t read any comic books with the Venom Spider-Gwen conglomerate character yet, there’s no denying that this POP Gwenom figure is cool. The teeth and tongue that stretch across her body look sick. I think this figure is gonna be a huge hit, obscure character iteration or no.

Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Bobblehead FunkoMeanwhile, a surprise trio of three more Thor Ragnarok vinyl figures also made their debut at London Toy Fair 2018! Funko had a pretty expansive selection of Thor Ragnarok figures last year, but it looks like the series was so successful that Funko is expanding it a bit more!

Funko Rock Candy Valkyrie Figure

In addition to a Gladiator Hulk Bobblehead (the first Marvel Bobblehead Funko has done in quite some time!), there’s also two movie-based females making their debuts as Rock Candy: Hela and Valkyrie.

While my preference for Valkyrie would be her bounty hunter look from Sakaar, I’m happy to get another Tessa Thompson figure at all. I’m usually pretty eager for more Cate Blanchett Hela figures as well, although this one looks a little bit too “Angela Lansbury” for my liking.

Funko Hela Rock Candy FigureThe Funko Gwenom POP Vinyl and Hela/Valkyrie Rock Candy figures are now up for order, and scheduled to be released in spring 2018. No exclusive variants of any of the figures have been announced just yet, but with Funko being the King of Exclusives, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see a Glow-in-the-Dark Gwenom exclusive revealed at some point this year.

Are any of you readers out there big Gwenom fans? Do you think this figure is likely to be a hit or a fizzle? And anyone out there collecting Rock Candy and excited for this Ragnarok duo?

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