Lé m on The Professional By VTSS Worldwide Release

 As promised a few weeks ago, collectors are finally able to order VTSS “Lé m on” The Professional! Their take on LEON the Professional, HA. Much to our surprise, VTSS is offering the alternative colourway too. Guess we might as well set up a direct debit account with VTSS toys this year since we are waiting for GODFATHER and Garfield and already purchased the fantastic  KUNG FU Hussle aka Kung Fu Party  set. Never thought the classic Léon: The Professional would get shrunken down and be so deadly and kinda cute at the same time, ha. TAKE MY MONEY VTSS!

“Lé m on” is the second classic movies vinyl figure series which VTSS produced in 2018. Each set will have one piece of gun bag, one gun, milk box and a flower pot as accessories. Also, sunglasses are detachable.


If you missed it, CHECK what else is coming!

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