Healthier Mac and Cheese Cups

Macaroni and cheese is a kid staple!  So let’s make them into cupcakes by baking them in muffin tins!  This will reinvent the meal for your kids and make it easy for you to have them eat it on the go or pack it as a snack in their lunch bag. They’re so cute you’ll want to serve them at your next dinner party though! These definitely aren’t just for kids.

Mac and Cheese CupsBaked Mac and Cheese

It’s important to let these bake long enough!  When the macaroni gets baked it melts the cheese again and binds each noodle together in the form of these cute cupcakes! That’s why they also need to rest in the muffin tins when they come out of the oven.  Just let them rest for 5 minutes so they don’t lose their shape when you pop them out! If you’re planning to pack these in lunches, I would recommend using cupcake liners, but if they’re just for dinner then grease the pans and call it good!

Mac and Cheese CupsMaking Mac and Cheese Cups

My favorite kitchen tools are my food scoops! I use them for cupcakes, cookies and Mac and Cheese Cups! They help to make your baked goods all the same size and it rounds out your cookie dough balls automatically.  Yay! (I love the yellow handled for cupcakes and the black for cookies) I used crushed up Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies to top my Mac and Cheese Cups before they hit the oven.  This ingredient is optional but it gives them a fun look and a little added texture.  I also sprinkled some chives on top to give them a pop of color!

How to make Mac and Cheese Cups

I piled mine suuuuuper high!

Mac and Cheese CupsMac and Cheese CupsHomemade is Best

There are a few different reasons we love cooking food at home from scratch for our families.  You might be surprised at some of the reasons!

Performing an act for someone, like cooking for them, is a form of altruism.  Altruism can make you feel happy and connected to your family. Home cooking tastes better!  When you are using real ingredients, spices and flavors, it blows boxed and frozen foods out of the water! Cooking can create bonds.  Especially when you do it with your kids.  This cooking bond promotes well being, positive growth and closeness within relationships. Using fresh, quality ingredients helps boost the nutrition you are feeding your family and increases your overall health. Mac and Cheese Cups

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